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We've marched, now it's time to



“Write for Our Lives” is a student-run campaign modeled after the infamous “Federalist Papers”, where students and gun control supporters from all over the world submit essays in support of the demands listed on the marchforourlives.com website. 


Seeing that written arguments often inspire politicians and the public to change their policies, we believe that a collection of well written, persuasive essays could help the public attain a better understanding of the #neveragain movement, resulting in legislative action.


A large problem that the gun control movement is facing right now is that many people mistakenly believe that we are fighting for the destruction of the 2nd Amendment. If we are able to quite literally spell out what this movement is advocating for, it is very possible that more people will understand what we are negotiating for and then begin to support us. 


1.  Fund research about gun violence and ways to prevent it

Currently, legislation limits the CDC from researching gun violence. While more than 100 medical organizations have called on Congress to restore funding for this program, reserves have remained nonexistent. The CDC must be provided with funding so we can research gun violence as a public health issue.

2.  Remove irrational restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)

The ATF is the only federal agency with the power to regulate the gun industry, and it is currently unable to digitalize records of gun sales or obligate gun dealers to orchestrate annual inventory checks on their stocks of guns. We need to modernize the ATF so it will be able to track transactions and regulate the firearm industry.

3.  Universal background checks for private sale of firearms

Currently, federal legislation requires that you obtain a background check when purchasing a gun from a licensed dealer. However, a background check is not required when buying a firearm from a private party. We must close this loophole to assure that all sales are subjected to a background check.

4.  A ban on high-capacity magazines

Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds have proven to be devastating in mass shootings. They allow a shooter to discharge as many bullets as possible in the shortest amount of time. High-capacity magazines simply must be banned.

5.  A ban on assault weapons

Assault weapons are designed for war, so we believe that they have no place in our communities, and, consequently, should be limited to military use only. Seeing that there are already thousands of assault weapons in the hands of civilians, we recommend the federal government creates a buyback program and/or requires the registration of these firearms.

We thank each and every individual who has submitted an essay. While we cannot publish every essay, we thank you for your participation, and we hope that you will continue to spread your ideas and promote the ideals of the #neveragain movement. 



This is your time to persuade those who are opposed to the #neveragain movement. We want to be perceived as respectful, rational, and unified in our ideas. As a result, we do ask that you be as professional and civil as possible, and that your arguments do not stray from the demands listed below:


1.  Fund research about gun violence and ways to prevent it

2.  Remove irrational restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)

3.  Universal background checks for private sale of firearms

4.  A ban on high-capacity magazines

5.  A ban on assault weapons


Here are the steps you will take to get published on our website:

1.  Select ONE topic from the #neveragain list of demands. 

2.  Create an in-depth persuasive/argumentative essay focusing in on your single demand. 

3.  Fill out this form and submit your work.

4.  Revise reviewed work. 

5.  Get published on our website. 

Notes on Essay Submissions:

We will accept essays that are not centered around the demands listed above as long as they argue for something relating to the #neveragain movement

Longer is not necessarily better

Make your arguments unique

Do not incorporate radical ideas into your argument  (i.e. “repeal the 2nd amendment”)

Please be patient when waiting for a response!





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