1. Write For Our Lives: Why We, the Youth, Deserve to be Heard

    by B.N.

“Write For Our Lives: Why We, the Youth, Deserve to be Heard” explains why the youth activists of the March for Our Lives movement merit a platform to discuss their ideas for gun reform.

2. A History of Regulating Guns and Why We Can do it Again

    by Clayton Anderson

“A History of Regulating Guns and Why We Can do it Again" explores our current limitations on the Second Amendment and explains why further regulations are reasonable and not a violation of our rights. 

3.Bipartisan Common Sense: Republicans for Universal Background Checks

    by The Haverford College Republicans

As Republicans, we stand for protecting the American people and the Second Amendment. Given the recent and many lives lost due to gunshots, we have found it imperative for the US government to intervene and enforce a universal background check.